Race week!

Quite a few of our athletes are racing this coming weekend. We have two Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons in Malaysia this weekend. Both the International Triathlon in Port Dickson, and the Penang Triathlon on the beautiful island of Penang.

We have clients racing both Sprint and Olympic distances and clients doing relays as part of a team so clients will be “all over the place”. It’s great!

Let’s start with race week and preparations. This will be different from individual to individual. Some will see this race as one of the top races of the season, and some will look upon it more as a training session, having other races later in the season in mind. Regardless of which category you belong to, take this opportunity to prepare properly. And the time for that is now.

  • Check your gear, lay it out on the floor and go through everything. Pre-race, Swim, Bike, Run, and Post-race.
  • What will you wear on race day? swim goggles, swim suit, bike shoes, helmet, socks, running shoes, hat, sun-glasses, race-belt.
  • What’s your nutrition plan? Gels, Isotonic… What do they serve at the aid stations?
  • Any other gear needed? Water bottle, sun screen, anti-shafe, rubber bands, watch?
  • After race recovery and clothes
  • Race map/route, what’s the elevation, and technical parts of the bike, how’s the water, is it exposed, shaded, windy, hot?
  • Check your bike! Tyres, bolts, chain, gears. Clean and check so that all the gear is in prime condition. Practise to change if you puncture. Are your batteries and such charged?

Penang Triathlon is at a fresh water dam. Sight is not great, but the water is calm and flat. After the swim there is a steep climb up to the transition area. This is a spot in the race where you’ll need to pace yourself and not go into the red zone. The bike course is an out and bike course with some hills, but here is a time in the race where you can push it a bit harder. Run is 10 km down to a coastal town and back up again. Some elevation on the run but once you reach the turn around point there is nothing to spare, push hard all the way home!

Port Dickson starts with an ocean swim, last years sprint (Saturday) had some challenging waves coming in, but the Olympic (Sunday) was much calmer. You swim out, take a left, swim into a marina, U-turn and follow the coastline back to the beach. Transition is 200 m of flat running. The bike course is mainly flat with few technicalities, it’s a draft legal race so it’s a fast race on the bike. The run is also a very flat course, with just a couple of small bumps, but part of the run course is on the beach so it gets sandy. Sprint course is more or less the same as the Olympic course but of course everything is shorter, the bike turn-around is earlier, etc…

We wish all our clients to have a good and safe race regardless of distance and which race(s) you are participating in!

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