We had a few clients running the Bukit Jalil Half Marathon this last Sunday. The Bukit Jalil 21.1 is a tough, hilly course and despite the early start it’s hot and humid. The race also offers a 10 km and a 5 km run. We had runners in 21.1km and 10km and they all did well.

One of our runners is Eunice Ong set a big PB last Sunday – 1:41, she has been a client for about three months and she has a few run goals set up for the year. She’s dedicated and easily coached. Her previous 21.1 km PB was 1:48, set at the Great Eastern 21.1 Bubble Run. Now the Great Eastern isn’t an easy run, it’s still in the tropics, and being in KL – it’s not flat. But look at the picture below to see the race profile of the Bukit Jalil. It’s hilly and tough! Well done Eunice.Bukit Jalil

I took the opportunity and asked Eunice a few questions about the race and the lead up:

Any keys to the success in the training leading up to the race?  -“TJCoaching and Mark’s training and the long runs helped i think.”

  • We at TJ Coaching believe that following a structured training plan has a huge impact on health and performance. We are also firm believers in scheduling the training so that the benefit from the training is maximum. To do that it is important to know the purpose of each work-out. When training you’ll want to be as fresh as possible before the high intense, hard work-outs to gain as much as possible from them. This can only be accomplished by not overdoing the easy work-outs. There are no medals in training, going easy on the easy workouts is a huge key to be able to keep a high workload on the hard work-outs.

This was quite a hilly course, how could you maintain pace, posture and power throughout the race? -“Try to maintain pace and power by using the watch monitoring HR and pace, resisted to go too fast or let my ego get the best of me when someone overtakes me, I also let my body guide me with the energy, the posture was just me constantly reminding myself to look ahead.”

  • This is great race pacing. Listening to your body, and to some extent using technical equipment, and leaving the Ego behind. I’m sure many of the runners overtaking Eunice in the beginning of the race payed the price in the last half of the race and many of them was probably overtaken by Eunice…

I also asked Eunice about nutrition (knowing that a lot of people have stressful experiences from this). My question to Eunice was about what her dietary intake looked like the day before, in the morning and during the race? -“I ate mainly carbs the day before, morning i just 2 coffees and a gel, during the race only the water at the water stations.”

  • In some ways this differs a bit from my own nutrition plan, but in many ways it doesn’t. If we break it down, you’ll soon see what I mean:
    • She is careful leading up to the race with not overloading on foods that are hard to digest (that can cause bloating and other gastric issues) – I do the same, but personally prefer less carbs.
    • In the morning she’s very low on energy intake, and before race she loads up with just a few fast carbs (the bioenergetic systems (ATP) in the body can only be topped up with so much) – This is identical to mine, had the race been longer, I had taken an omelette or similar 3 hours prior to race start.
    • During the race, being a short endurance effort she is content with only water – not taking on unnecessary calories that the body needs to digest/process. – Great decision – the effort, being sub 2 hours, doesn’t require much added energy. I might maybe had taken a gel after 12-15 km, but besides of that it’s identical to my own ideas. I think that Eunice’s plan is really good!
    • This is indeed a very good nutrition plan, and what makes it so good is that it is personalized and it works for Eunice!

Lastly, Congrats to all our clients completing the Bukit Jalil!!


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