Ironman Malaysia, and about coaching

TJ Coaching

Both me and Jonas are competing in the Ironman Malaysia set on beautiful Langkawi this coming Saturday. We’re fine tuning and fixing the last bits, going through our race plans, nutrition plans and try to rest yet stay active with a few shorter work-out every day. Staying hydrated will be a big factor for a predicted very hot race on Saturday.

Jonas is competing in the 35-39 years and I’m competing in the 40-44 years Age Group. These two Age groups are (together with the PRO’s) by far the most competitive age groups in Ironman Malaysia and the prediction is that there’ll be a tough fight for the 5 Kona slots that both groups are entitled to.

It’s no coincidence that the Age groupers that are most competitive and the PRO’s that have the most success have coaches. Having a coach brings structure to the training and the training follows a well planned progressive schedule that slowly ramps up the load on the body, meaning that the risks for injury is much less, which in turn means that training can be consistent. For endurance events, consistency is key.

At TJ Coaching we believe in healthy, steady progress work-out routines. We often target endurance zone training, and top that with a portion of training that targets strength, power and speed.

We offer detailed work-out routines with a progression of load and volume for specific races.

Example of a few of the races that we can offer a good training program for:

Powerman – Duathlon Asian Championship

Putrajaya Ironman 70.3 – Triathlon

DaNang Ironman 70.3 – Triathlon

SCKLM – Marathon, half Marathon, 10 km

Regardless of ambition, we believe we can help!

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